Wednesday, 8 October 2014

With love to My Father!

Who thinks before leap? It is not in my gene and we never think even after leapt. Many a times wondered what we do at strange planets! Family!!
So, this write up!

It all started with my father’s unwarranted resignation of an unrewarding job to attend his (rewarding?) marriage! No other decent entertainments those days, blessed with the biggest reward at the record possible time. Humble I am, not to elaborate!

Better I am! Did resign my job- but for my first diwali, and fired crackers in the tummy of my father in law. It still continues as the Baba Dhuni- and was rewarded with my daughter after four years. Not that I had a variety of entertainments, but…. Why my story in his-tory? Set aside for now.

An M.A. B.Ed., Government school teacher, power loom factory as side business. Heaven! But we are adventurous by birth you know! Surplus money urged him to do some serious national service – pity that he believed what he taught in school and history repeated itself! (Don’t murmur Don Quixote) What else, resigned the second time! –difference, three more additions, in decent intervals and no need to quote the lack of entertainment story again! I m just tired of my stories!

Independent candidate in MLC election in Teacher’s constituency. What else, deposit money was donation to the government! The entire nation agitated for the defeat of a teacher and the other Vadhiyar, MGR, dissolved the Legislative Council. (Vennira aadai Nirmala Nomination issue? - forget it, let us write history).
What next? Job hunt? Not that bread! Started business, invaded all the countries where Gopal Tooth powder goes and .. Gopal tooth powder survives yet!!

Suddenly, a change in scenario! V.V.Giri visited him when he was the President of India and R.V., the next president, invited him to Delhi for a stay as his guest. Morarji Desai invited him to Mumbai and offered him to drink – no, not the one you think – fruit juice – dirty minds! One -some Dhunga, then Prime Minister of Srilanka, the father of the broad, smiling Chandrika – (No! Not the toilet soap) -presented him a Rado watch as a token of appreciation!

It all passed unnoticed– who cares these silly things at that prime age, was busy trying to impress my Tamil teacher’s daughter by all possible means. (But wonder what I might ve do if I succeeded in my attempt! My feeding bottle was still wet that time!)

Suddenly the relatives turned scandalous and he lost everything. Nicely managed to settle three children, the first, willingly unsettling, types this for you!
Now, enjoys the love hate relationship with Madam Vijayalakshmi, at Velur.

Ok! Why this entire BIG story now?
Our man turns 80 on 14th July 2014. The bridegroom is getting prepared for the show, of course with that same old mismatch! (He is a real charm) Black Stallion!

All my friends, with family, keep Atchathai, be prepared, to greet or seek blessings that day at the comfort of your homes.

Nice invitation!!

Who, still adamant to be a part of the bash, obtain the address in DM and be blessed by a meet with me too! What a chance! You will be doubly blessed!

Welcome and Thank you!

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